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Moss Treatment & Removal

Algae and moss are ugly and reduce the life of your roof, not to mention their propensity to turn into roof leaks or water damage in your home. We remove the moss and treat the roof to prevent further growth, extending the life of your roof and restoring its beauty!


Roof & Gutter Cleaning

We blow the loose debris from your roof, clean your gutters out by hand, take apart and clear clogged downspouts, flush everything and clean up the mess on the ground!


Exterior Gutter & Siding Cleaning

The North sides and any shaded areas of buildings can build up with algae, mold and mildew. Our Soft Wash solution & service neutralizes these organisms and makes the house look freshly painted!


Window Cleaning

Frames and sills are dusted; Glass is cleaned - spot free inside & out; screens are cleaned with soap and water; window tracks are cleaned and vacuumed out - we clean the entire window while the other guys focus on just the glass.


Pressure Washing

We eliminate the slipping hazards around your business with our pressure washing services. Driveways, decks, sidewalks, retaining walls, etc., we get rid of the gunk and clean up any mess we make!


Custom Holiday Lighting

When it comes to Christmas lights, there are literally thousands of options, not to mention the installation, maintenance and removal after the New Year. We make the options simple with just a couple of sizes and an assortment of colors. We brave the rain, wind and cold for the installation, handling any maintenance issues and removing them after the New Year. You make holiday memories, we do the heavy lifting!



Who Qualifies for Commercial Services?

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Commercial Businesses

Your business occupies a space you and your clients see - this space represents the face of your business, and it should look great. From a clean roof and gutters that aren't overflowing, to clean siding and windows, all the way down to exterior walkways as clean and bright as if they were brand new. Clearly Windows is your one-stop shop to clean your building from top to bottom!


Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent selling a house that's in need of a serious face lift? Is there moss on the roof? Are the gutters full and overflowing? Are the windows filthy? Is the siding green or black with algae or mildew? Is the driveway and sidewalk dark and slippery? Clearly Windows can help make the whole house shine while increasing sale-ability and curb appeal!


Multi-Family Housing

Are you a property or maintenance manager for a multi-family housing facility? Instead of finding separate vendors to clean the various aspects of your property, get on our "Cruise Control" option and we'll take care of everything from the roof and gutters all the way to the sidewalk! You'll be proud about where you work and your residents will feel great about where they live!


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